Effective consultancy services

How to improve your business with technology (what's out there)

Our product is the best and the licence fee is only 20k

" What would be the best tool for us for ..."

Well there are a lot of tools for everything, even free ones. And everyone has a smart mobile device so you make sure it's mobile compliant. But the first thing you need to ask is, how this improves my business. Does it save you money or time ? Does it generate revenue and if who are in the target audience ...

How to innovate and create new digital services

We already know what our customers want

" We would like to create something awesome for our..."

Customers do not often know what they need before they use something for the first time. Who is your target audience, what are you trying to provide her/him. A new experience perhaps ? Please be patient and take time to really understand the key customer first. We can help. By the way did you know your employees already have a lot of really, really, really good ideas how to create something awesome? Want us to help you with that ? If you just need agile execution, look below.

Agile, MVP execution. Long term roadmapping.

Gathering and analysing requirements, will take about 3 months. What's MVP ?

" Have you done anything on mobile devices or cloud services ..."

.NET, Xamarin, Java, REST, TCP/UDP, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Microservices Architectures, Javascript UI frameworks, Android, Lua ... You have a buzzword, we have a guy or gal who speaks the language. You need a project manager or scrum master too, no problem. Whole team, great! And yes, we have TOGAF guys too, and guys who have run huge projects.

Content is K.I.N.G

Videos and music are s**t expensive. Our product will sell itself.

" Video would be awesome, but we don't have budget for..."

Don't worry. Tell us what you need and let us figure that out. We have expericed musicians, copywriters, screenwriters, video producers and editors in our network. We can create pretty compelling offering bundles for high quality productions.

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